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Trimble R8s GNSS System



The Trimble R8s GNSS receiver is a flexible, scalable system that offers all of the features and benefits you expect, in one customizable system.  Simply choose a receiver configuration based on your needs and then upgrade or add features as requirements dictate.

Select a configuration based on how the receiver will be used in the field, whether it is for static GNSS Surveys with post-processing of GNSS raw data in the office, or the receiver being used as a base station or rover receiver, or a combination of both base and rover.  After selecting a configuration level additional features can be added to extend receiver functionality.

Features Included in the Trimble R8s:

  • Powerful 440-channel solution with Trimble 360 Technology
  • Comprehensive support for all existing and planned constellation and augmentation systems
  • Simple integration with V10 Imaging Rover and Trimble Total Stations
  • Easy to use Trimble DL data logging Android app to start a post processing workflow
  • Compatibility with Trimble Access field software on Trimble Data Collectors
  • Flexible wireless communications options

If you have any questions about the Trimble R8s GNSS System or any other GNSS System, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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